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Classmate Web Sites

Here are just a few web sites we came across during our search for all of our classmates. Check them out to see what some of us have been up to!

Do you know of a web site or blog that should be included here? Email it to

Jenny Rohrs (Barnett) - and

These are Jenny's blogs about her crafts, but you can also buy her stuff at

Jill Fuller (Sholtis) - and

JP Ducro -

Kat Ricker -

Marc Fortney -

Melissa Woods (Callipari) -

Mike Knox -

Mike has actually moved to Iowa and is now teaching art at the university level while pursuing his own art, but this is a web site of his prior private art studio.

Nick Villa -

Nick is the founder, creator, and president of Old School Horror. This is an on-line magazine, independent film studio and horror entertainment company. (Currently the site is being moved, so if you view the link April or Mayish the content may be old or the site availability inconsistent.)